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Swap Shop Information

The Swap Shop is open Saturday and Sunday. Both days from 5 AM until around noon.

Our current fee schedule is $10 on Saturday and $20 on Sunday. However, this includes a refundable $5 deposit that can be retrieved at the end of the day if the spot is left clean and without trash. You will have 20 feet by 20 feet per space you purchase. If you are bringing a trailer with you, you must purchase an additional spot as it will not fit in one 20 by 20 spot. Dropping a trailer is prohibited. We suggest you bring your own tables, however many vendors place items on the ground. We have a paved lot and grassy areas.

Our market is an open field and electrical outlets are not available, however quiet generators are permitted. There is no need to reserve a space to set up on a single day. Should you want to reserve a space, we do have discounts for reserving monthly and the added benefit of having the same spot every visit, see the market management for details.

Daily tickets are sold at the box office starting at 5AM. It is suggested you arrive by 8AM to set up to sell. If you arrive after 8 AM, please park in the customer parking lot and come to the main office to purchase a daily vendor ticket. We have a limited amount of spaces and can sell out quickly during the winter months.

A vendor ticket is required to enter the vendor lot. For the safety of all shoppers, customers are not permitted to drive onto the vendor lot to pick up large items. We provide free parking to customers. We do have restrictions on items that can be sold. Examples of prohibited items include: prepared food (unless you have previously filled out an application a with us and been approved, email us for more info),  guns or ammunition, tobacco products, games of skill or chance, black-market items or counterfeit items and no live animals. Our market is open all year long and is open air. Because of this, we allow tents and canopies to be set up.

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